Why You Should Focus On the Feeling, Not the Outcome

I’m sure we’ve all had this feeling… the feeling of wanting something so badly we almost can’t stand it.

We become obsessed. It’s thought consuming, we spend all our time thinking of how we can get it, what we need to do.

We put it on the vision board, we speak positive affirmations around it, we think about what it would be like to have it, we can picture it clearly in our future. And for some reason, it just isn’t showing up.

But we’re doing all the right things to manifest it, right? We’re doing all the things to attract into our lives, aren’t we? What the heck is the catch?

Here’s the catch.

That feeling of desperation. That unrelenting feeling of want. That feeling of “I need this. I must have this.”

Whatever we focus on in our lives, we will create more of. It’s the law of attraction and it’s the law of the Universe. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

So, when we spend so much of our time and energy creating a feeling of overwhelming WANT and NEED we are essentially focusing on what we don’t have. We are focusing on lack. We are focusing on the stress and anxiety that comes with being tied to a specific outcome and worrying about when it is going to come to fruition.

When we focus on these things, what can we expect to create? MORE of those same exact things – stress, worry, anxiety. That high vibe dream we have certainly is not going to be born out of those low vibe feelings.

Focus instead on how you want to feel

Instead of focusing so intently on the outcome, it’s so much more productive to focus on how you want to feel.

How is it that you want to spend your days feeling? In a state of joy, gratitude, wonder, peace, calm? Start making this feeling your focus!

How is that we can do this?

It’s easier said than done, right? But in reality, the steps to doing so are pretty simple, we just need to be mindful of them. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Make a list of all the ways your desired feeling is already present/has been present in your life. So if you are focusing on joy – what are the things in your life that bring you joy? It doesn’t matter if they’re simple or small!! Write them all down and really sink into that feeling!

  2. Spend time in meditation focusing on feeling the way you ultimately want to feel. Not sure how? It’s your lucky day, sister!! I created this guided meditation on coming into alignment with how you want to feel just for you!

  3. When you start to head down the never-ending trail of “should” or “want” bring your conscious awareness back to your ultimate desired feeling.

The Ultimate Win Win

When you focus on feeling this way it is the ULTIMATE WIN WIN! Why? Well first of all, because you’re feeling the way you want to feel, which feels great! Second of all, since you’re spending time focusing on that specific feeling, you are automatically going to create more of it. That’s how the brain works. (You can read more about that in the post where I discuss the subconscious mind and limiting beliefs here.)

As you remove yourself from the stress of relying on a specific outcome and align yourself with the high vibration of feelings like joy, gratitude, freedom and support, you’ll be creating your results from that high vibration. Regardless of whether or not the outcome is exactly how you wanted it or pictured it, the result is going to be aligned with how you ultimately want to feel which means that it’s going to be great and bring you joy!

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