This Mama Is Becoming A Blogger... Why?

I believe more than anything that I was meant to be the mama to my sweet little girl, Lucy, and it has brought me so much joy it’s hard to even comprehend it. Becoming a mama is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s the simplest, most natural, and most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. It has pulled my values and my true self into focus, and I really don’t think I’ve ever been a better version of me than the woman I am right now.

Sweet Lucy Grace, one day old

 Being A Mama, The Hardest Thing Ever

But, being a mama is simultaneously the hardest thing I’ve ever done. At times, it’s been the scariest, most confusing, loneliest, and most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never cried more tears or felt more heartache. In the early days of motherhood, I felt like I had completely lost myself. I was consumed by a tiny, wailing, always starving creature, and it felt like she swallowed me whole. I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent weeks mourning my former self. There were days that I wondered just what I had gotten myself into and why I had done it in the first place, which of course only triggered more tears and feelings of guilt thinking, “How could I not be completely over the moon? This is what I’ve always wanted!” 

Those first few months were grueling. Difficulties breastfeeding, acid reflux, constant exhaustion, very little sleep and so much crying (from both of us). I was convinced I had given birth to the world’s unhappiest, most temperamental child and that she might not ever smile or laugh. 

Looking back now, I know all of this was completely and totally normal and that most people have an experience similar to ours. In the moment, however, I felt so lost and alone. I felt like I was completely failing as a mom. It seemed to me that everything should have come intuitively seen as I had just spent almost 10 months creating and carrying around this child. I couldn’t even decipher what was wrong let alone fix it. 

Why Community Matters

The thing that got me through it was community. I have found an amazing network of strong, encouraging, understanding mamas online. Some, old friends that I reconnected with through Facebook groups and chats, some that I met for the first time through Instagram. Hearing someone, even a total stranger, say “I’ve been there. I totally understand. You’re going to get through this, You’re doing a great job” either in person or typed out in a message was everything to me. 

Why a Blog?

So, why start a blog? There are thousands out there, right? And many of them blogging on the same topic as me – motherhood. 

Here’s why. Because I believe that as many other mama bloggers are out there, there’s always room for one more. There’s always a need for one more person to decide, I’m going to try to lift others up and inspire them. There’s always space for someone who wants to help other’s carry what is too heavy a burden for them to shoulder alone.

My inspiration and the purpose behind “This Mama Is” is just that. To reach out to this amazing community of fierce women and say, “I’m walking through this with you.” It doesn’t matter how you choose to be a mama. Breastfeed, bottle fed, crib sleeping, co-sleeping, private school, public school, homeschool, working mom, stay at home mom, and everything in between. I’ll walk with you. I’ll support you and tell you you’re doing awesome. I’ll share my stories in hopes that someone reads them and sees a little bit of themselves or finds some comfort in knowing that they’re not alone. 

My hope is that you can come here and step away knowing of yourselves..
This Mama is strong. 
This Mama is loved.
This Mama is not alone.
This Mama is doing her best.
This Mama is enough.

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