10 Affirmations for Mamas

Positive Affirmations for Motherhood

How Positive Affirmations Changed My Mornings

Every morning when I wake up, I do my very best to resist the snooze button and I start my day with the same way. 

First, things first, COFFEE. As soon as my feet hit the floor, I’m on my way to the Keurig for the first glorious cup of the day! Then I head into my office. One might think the next logical thing to do would be to get work checking emails, answering messages, coming up with content for the day, but I honestly don’t even look at my phone or computer for at least 20 minutes once I sit down at my desk.

I open up to a new page in my journal and do the following:
1. Write down 10 specific things I’m grateful for. (I usually write down specifics from the day before.)
2. Write down 10 positive affirmations.

I absolutely love starting my day in this way because I feel like it sets me up to be in a present, peaceful and positive state of mind for the day. Do I remain in this blissed out state 24 hours a day? Absolutely not!! I’m human and I get mad, frustrated, and judgmental like every other human. But since I have started writing out 20 positive statements every morning, I’ve seen a huge shift in my perspective. I spend my day looking for things to be grateful for, appreciating myself and circumstances way more, and giving myself grace much more easily when I feel like I’ve come up short.

10 Positive Affirmations You Can Use Every Day

Feel free to use these affirmations, or write some of your own that speak to you. The most important thing is that they resonate with you.

5 Tips for Using Positive Affirmations

  1.  Do them every single day – for real. The whole point of doing positive affirmations is to start to rewire your brain to think a different way. Instead of continuing to tell yourself the same stories of doubt, lack, and self-loathing, you are literally teaching yourself to have new, more positive thoughts that serve you better. The only way to successfully do this is through repetition.
  2.  Speak them out loud or write them down. I have found that this is so much more impactful than just reading them to yourself from the same list every day. There is something powerful about physically writing them or hearing yourself say them out loud.
  3.  Speak or write your positive affirmations in the present tense as if they are already true. This one is huge, you guys. Like I said before, you are retraining your brain tp believe something new. If you’re saying that you HOPE you’ll feel present with your kids and partner, you are giving yourself SO much room to fall back on the old thoughts that got you to where you are now.
  4.  Look at what is causing you the most stress and anxiety in your life. Create specific affirmations for those areas. Do you constantly feel like you can’t get everything done? Use the affirmation: “Whatever I can get done today is enough.” Do you look in the mirror and feel shame about what you see? Start using some body positive affirmations, mama!! That body of yours is a freaking walking MIRACLE.
  5. Trust in this process. Will it feel silly and maybe a little woo woo at first? Yes. Are there going to be some people in your life that think it’s weird? Maybe. But can I lay some tough love on you? How are the thoughts that you’re thinking right now working for you? Are you full of self-love, compassion, confidence and not judging a single person that comes into your path? Then rock on, and share some of whatever you’ve got going one with the rest of us, girlfriend!! If this isn’t you every day (and let’s be honest, is this anyone every single day??), then you are going to have to start thinking some different thoughts if you want a different outcome.
Every one of you gorgeous babes DESERVES to feel joy, compassion, strength and security. I believe it is true human nature to feel this way and that when we truly show up as the best version of ourselves for ourselves and our families, some pretty amazing things can happen in the world.

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